Four handed technique for the provision of effective treatment delivered by the dental team

Friday 20th October - 10:30 - 11:00

Hayley Drury, dental nurse, and Kath Eastwood, dentist


To furnish Dentist /Dental nurse with skills to improve the comfort and quality of treatment for patients and also improve team work and job satisfaction for both parties.

Learning Objectives:
  • Better treatment outcome for patients
  • Increased satisfaction of Clinician and Nurse at work
  • Developing team work with you nurse
  • Decreased risk of musculoskeletal issues with improved posture
  • Understanding ergonomics principles, and positioning to improve vision
  • Determine ideal equipment set up
Learning outcome:
  • How to work more efficiently and ergonomically with your dental nurse.
  • How to apply ergonomics principles relating to posture and positioning to improve vision
  • How to assess own working environment and be able to make improvements.

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