Associations and Supporters

We're incredibly proud to have worked with the following Associations and Supporters.

Association of Dental Administrators and Managers

Association of Dental Administrators and Managers (ADAM) - Our aim is to represent all members of the dental administration team, whatever your job title may be. ADAM recognise that each and every administrative role is vital to the smooth and efficient running of a busy dental practice.

Association of Dental Implantology

The Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) is a registered charity dedicated to providing the profession with continuing implant education and the public with a greater understanding of the benefits of dental implants.

Founded in 1987 as a professional, non-profit making organisation, ADI has developed into one of the largest dental bodies in the UK with over 2,200 active members.

The ADI is an unbiased membership association for all members of the dental team and industry.

British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry was formed in November 2003 by a group of dentists, many of them leading practitioners in the field of cosmetic dentistry, who saw a need to share their knowledge with others. The aim is to create a dynamic, active group of dentists and laboratory technicians; however the role of all other members of the team - hygienists, practice managers and assistants - in the overall aesthetic experience are equally important.

British Association of Dental Nurses

The British Association of Dental Nurses is the only professional organisation specifically for ALL dental nurses – whether qualified or unqualified, working in General Practice, Hospital, Community, the Armed Forces, Industry, Practice Management or Reception.

It is only with the continuing support of Dental Nurses through membership of the Association that we can continue to support Dental Nurses themselves, negotiate on their behalf and represent the interests of Dental Nurses at all levels.

British Association of Dental Therapists

The BADT was founded in 1962 with the first annual general meeting taking place on 2nd March 1963 at New Cross School for Dental Auxiliaries. The BADT has been working for Therapists in all areas of the profession, improving working conditions and pay and fighting for recognition within the profession. We are now developing relationships with other Dental Therapy Associations all over the world.

British Orthodontic Society

The British Orthodontic Society has been accepted as the national representative of all orthodontists. The Department of Health has come to regard the Society as the appropriate body to consult on matters relating to orthodontic services and the standards of care for patients.

BOS is governed by the rules and regulations set down in its company Memorandum and Articles of Association, originally dated 14 January 1999 and updated subsequently with the last update agreed at the BOS AGM 22 September 2012.

British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy

The British Society of Dental Hygiene & Therapy, BSDHT (formerly British Dental Hygienists' Association, BDHA) was set up in 1949 by a group of 12 dental hygienists who felt the time was right to organise a professional association to represent the interests of their profession. Over 60 years later, the BSDHT is a nationally recognised body that represents over 4,000 members across the UK and beyond.

British Society of Periodontology

The British Society of Periodontology (BPS) is a well-established member society dating back to 1949. A contemporary society with a dynamic and forward-thinking group of people at the helm.

The BPS enjoy research, debate and actively getting involved in issues that affect members and their work. They are keen promoters of periodontology and are working hard, through various communications initiatives, to significantly raise awareness to the public, patients, dental and medical professionals.

Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency regulates medicines, medical devices and blood components for transfusion in the UK.

Recognised globally as an authority in its field, the agency plays a leading role in protecting and improving public health and supports innovation through scientific research and development.