The buying and selling game

Friday 20th October - 14:15 - 15:00

Luke Moore, director, and Paul Wilkinson, director, Dental Elite

All Change! At the time of going to press both {my} dentist and Southern Dental are out of the practice acquisitions market and BUPA have bought Oasis but seem to still be buying NHS businesses, NHS England have just announced the end of the breach notice for just underperformance (well for this year!) and we aren’t even half way through 2017. Add to this a fairly significant shift in which banks are most commonly funding the transactions we broker and you get some insight into the significant changes that the market is going through at the moment. In this session we’ll update you on everything that’s happening in the dental acquisitions world.

  1. An Understanding of How Market Movements are leading to a shift in Valuations.
  2. Have a Working Knowledge of the Active Lenders in the Market and what they will require to make a deal happen.
  3. The key principals as to how a dental practice is valued and who subtle changes can be made that can significantly affect valuation.

‘Allow Dental Elite to provide you with great insight about the significant changes occurring in the dental acquisition market at present’

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