BDIA Dental Showcase: The Industry's Show

Edmund Proffitt, chief executive of the British Dental Industry Association, reflects on the meaning of Dental Showcase. Are all dental exhibitions the same? Nowadays there are a number of opportunities for dental professionals to attend exhibitions and events. However, the BDIA Dental Showcase has invested significant effort over the years in building itself into the dedicated B2B event for dental professionals. By carefully working with the profession and suppliers, a comfortable and personal relationship has evolved between business conscious practitioners and an industry there to help and assist in the delivery of the very best dental care to all patients.

So, what is it about Dental showcase, what is its true meaning? Well, in response to that there is a short answer and a long answer.

The short answer is that it is all about the delivery of the best business orientated dental show in the UK – the place where dental professionals go to see the best and buy the best in a pleasant, professional environment. A place that helps the profession put innovation into practice.

The long answer is that Showcase works on many levels. As the industry’s own show, dental companies are keen to launch new products at the event and ensure that potential customers are given the time and opportunity to get hands-on with the latest innovations, technologies and launches. Not only does Showcase provide the opportunity to see new equipment and devices, as well as compare and contrast literally thousands of items, it serves a more important purpose – it cements relationships across the supply chain which promotes mutual trust and safe purchasing systems.

These days it is more important than ever that the industry emphasises the importance of purchasing from reputable suppliers, such as BDIA members. Working very closely with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the BDIA is acutely aware of the dangers of counterfeit and noncompliant dental devices. Literally thousands of fake and non-compliant devices are seized every year by the MHRA, ranging from curing lights to hand pieces, instruments, burs and even hand held X-ray devices.

The dangers of purchasing from unregulated overseas-based websites are simply not worth taking. Dental professionals are responsible for the equipment they use. You do not want to endanger your patients and your registration by making purchases from dubious websites and falling for deals which seem too good to be true. The GDC recommends robust purchasing systems are in place to prevent buying counterfeit and noncompliant dental equipment and the BDA recommends purchasing from reputable suppliers. As an industry, we would urge caution. Dental purchases, however small, should avoid falling into the ‘’ trap.

What better way to be certain that you are not endangering yourself, colleagues, patients and the practice than by visiting Showcase, getting hands-on and up close with equipment and suppliers and making safe and robust purchasing decisions in a bespoke dental B2B environment. The true meaning of Showcase is building relationships, building trust and building a better future for you and your practice.